Terran is a general term derived from the Latin word "terra", which definitely means Earth. The adjective of this term describes a person, place, or thing originating from Earth, the third planet of the real Solar System neighboring between Venus and Mars. Particularly, this is used to describe people of the Earth as well as it may pertain to other inhabitants from Earth itself. This term is also referred by a Greek name as Gaian, which is derived from the term Gaia.



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Terran BeastHumanMutantUndead (GhostSkeletonZombie)
Aliens ArthropodianCylienEnergy beingGrayLittle green menMartianMastermindNordicPredatorReptilianSpace monster (Xenorian)
Other AnthropoidCryptidHumanoidHybridInsectoidMonsterRobot (AndroidCyborg)

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