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Space Monsters Wiki is an original off-shot of Planet Aegius Wiki. And it's all about the series of top-down shooter games and lists spin-offs, main games, characters, monsters, bosses and a lot more! Since this is a wiki, you're free to add and change information on Space Monsters series here. There are currently 1 active users, 203 files, 62 articles and 3,325 edits to make this wiki grown up since July 2013. Anyway, welcome to the resistance headquarters and I hope you guys enjoy!

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Space Monsters is an open-source futuristic top-down shooter game that it will be made with Game Maker 8 and the first game of the series would be released in 2013 by Psonic, the fan team. However, it was moved to 2015 due to its creator's independent difficulties. Also it was a titular reference to Taito's 1972 mechanical game but it was renamed as Space Invaders by Mr. Nishikado's video game theory. And that what we call an inspiration of Alien Shooter, Alien Breed, Crimsonland, Space Invaders, Alien Swarm, Half-Life, Doom and The House of the Dead. (more...)

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