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This article is all about an army of aggressive aliens led by masterminds. For the first installment of a series, see here. For other uses, see Space Monsters (disambiguation).

Ah! These butchers are at our situation now, lads. But trust me - we have a plan to annihilate them and their mysterious leader from dominating anywhere. That's why we save our lovely planet!
~ Billmore Hawkins
Space monsters creature humanoid alien by rgmfighter14-d6o92py

An example of Space Monsters is a humanoid alien (courtesy of deviantArt).

Space Monsters (also referred to as aliens, intruders, invaders, monsters or just simply space aliens) are extraterrestrial lifeforms and serve as main titular antagonists of the top-down shooter game series of the same name. They are invasive creatures who descended from the origin of their extraterrestrial home world, Xenoverse. Within the dimension to Earth as a part of our solar system, they will might involve humans as their threats and cause the whole universe to be conquered (which can cause the destruction of humanity) for survival in order to gain success for their own domination by the main ringleaders called masterminds. Unfortunately, various resistance organizations like Investigative Force, the other members will might investigate what can cause of these incidental threats.


Space Monsters

No matter how these lifeforms will come or where they live over the planetary crisis during the events of scientific studies about monster-like artifacts and the development of energy cannon, a futuristic direct energy device. Before the incident in 2025, the extraterrestrial teleportation devices are sent to approach the distance from the far-away galaxy (as they leave Xenoria) to the solar system (most especially earth). Then they land on the spectacular location called the Long Passage Headquarters until they await for summoning any kinds of these creatures as minions. Whatever they described themselves threat to humankind, they can cause dangerous invasion by spreading across the base under the control of their first mastermind named Roki. If it's down, then he has a replacement with Syrax for continuing his past job again next year (mostly 2026) but with new plans.

List of members


Main article: List of enemies and their types


Main article: Masterminds

Masterminds will be the ones who take control of their minions to complete their goals in order to survive like they invade Earth to implement any activities for their domination over mankind.


  • These creatures are inspired after Taito's 1972 mechanical game, but it was later renamed Space Invaders by Mr. Nishikado's regime. However, it was given to creator's Game Maker project of the same title.[1]
  • Some of them are formed from many inspirations of The House of the Dead, Space Invaders, Galaxian, Alien Shooter, The War of the Worlds, Star Wars, Centipede and other monster-themed/alien-themed media.


Space Monsters
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