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Sigma Team
Sigma Team
Sigma Team logo.
 Type Private held company
 Location(s) Tyumen, Russia
 Industry Video games
 Product(s) Alien Shooter
Alien Shooter 2 (Vengeance)
 Total no. of
Alien Shooter (2003)
Alien Shooter - The Beginning (2013 during their 10th anniversary)

Sigma Team is a Russian video game company specializing in the development of PC games based in the headquarters of Novosibirsk and its office of Tyumen. Their first video game in the genre of top-down arcade action game with RPG elements known as Alien Shooter.

Also, it is a small group of programmers and designers that create exciting games in genre of action. The main objective and purpose of the professional staff is to create a high quality and exciting line programs.

Most of the distribution company licensed under the shareware and online game portal cooperation.