Rina Stock
Space monsters portrait - rina
Proifile portrait of Rina Stock.
Background information
 Debut Space Monsters
 Appearance(s) Space Monsters
 Full Name Rina Annie Stock
 Alias(es) Annie, Rena (sometimes)
 Birthday August 17, 2003
 Origin Ireland Dublin, Ireland
 Age 22-23 (SM)
25-26 (SM2)
 Nationality Irish
 Friend(s) Billmore Hawkins, Josh Celton, Sam Ramsen, Deck Homwell, Brake Andrens
 Enemy(ies) Roki, space monsters, Syrax
 Good point Helpful
 Bad point Careless
 Likes Traveling, tea, coffee, cats
 Dislikes Evil, gangs, mafias, crimes, jingoism, perverts, brainwashing, corrupt officials
 Affiliation Investigative Force
 Occupation Assassin
 Hobby(ies) Her improvement in performing assassination skills, playing with her pet cat
 Ability(ies) Gaining powers with implants
 Alignment Chaotic Good
 Status Alive
 Race Human
 Gender Female
 Ethnicity Caucasian
 Hair color Black
 Eye color Black
Real-life information
 Designer(s) Axl Jet Baños
Those invasive creatures are still exist. Ugh... We must find the way to stop this horrible case.
~ Rina Stock

Rina Stock (sometimes called Rena) is one of the extra playable protagonists appeared in the expansion update of the first installment of Space Monsters series mainly.



Rina was primarily born in Dublin, the city capital of Ireland. From her living childhood, she is always serious to other bad people anywhere and wants to find the way in order to get rid of them like her ignorance and dealing with, instead of her boredom and experiencing livelihood issues. Then few years later during her youth life as a teenager, she masters some forms of assassination martial arts as she wished to become an assassin for the preparation of military events.

In the years of maturity, during Rina's schooling life in college, she always attend the university of arts, technologies and sciences and take her major course of physical education, especially athletics. Although she is very aggressive to evil, she has also decided to train new styles of assassination martial arts and use guns for targeting as a part of her practices in being a brave woman aside from assassin. Until the end of her schooling life, her job is to find for the military organization, but she only chose Investigative Force and must be assigned with General Baxter alongside the other members of the organization because she wants her assassination and shooting skills to be improved more even and have a meeting with a fellow operative named Sam Ramsen before being friends together at her best.

Long period of time regarding the disastrous events of the first incident the Investigative Force encounters, Rina has been practicing for the days of her training along with her best friend Sam. However, she must find someone who is evil as an alignment she betrayed even there is a legal investigation.


Rina is a young woman and much different to Sam. She has a black short hair and black eyes. In the first Space Monsters entry, she wears white vest, gray bikini, brown combat belt, a pair of black shorts, brown pistol holster on her right leg and brown boots.


Somehow, Rina feels aggressive due to her struggling sensation against evil and defeat or succeed any of that alignment. But she calms whatever there are right moments like justice, resting, training and so on.


Her first name, Rina, has separate origins in multiple cultures. It's a Hebrew name that means "shout or a song of joy," a form of the biblical Rinnah, an Italian nickname, short for Caterina or Marina, and an Indian name, from the Sanskrit for "melted" or "dissolved." This name is also a Russian hypocoristic for Ekaterina and is a feminine given name of Japanese origins, where it was proportionately used the most in the twentieth century.

Her surname, Stock, means the goods or merchandise kept on the premises of a business or warehouse and available for sale or distribution. Another meaning is the capital raised by a business or corporation through the issue and subscription of shares.


Space Monsters

When the dangerous time comes to existence in 2025 before restoring humankind, Rina, with the participation of her best friend Sam and the rest of the Investigative Force as General Baxter gave military recruits operational activities, must be dispatched to penetrate the large military and office complex called the Long Passage Headquarters, where its locations are infested over by the space aliens and their dimensional or teleportation devices. And then instantly go against them from overrunning anywhere within the complex during a hazardous outbreak for the last hope of humanity, including their mastermind behind the target named Roki. Later after that incident, with Roki gone, its spiritual successor Syrax awaits its inspirational destiny as the revival to take over humankind again in 2026 as the secondary target of the Investigative Force if they are ready to have spotted there, mainly in the distance from another complex to the alien-occupied territorial cave.


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