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Psonic alt logo inverted
 Type Privately independent
 Established 2011
 Founder(s) Axl Jet Baños
 Location(s) General Santos City, Philippines
 Key people Axl Jet Baños (representative)
 Industry Computer and video games
 Product(s) Space Monsters series
 Total no. of
Space Monsters
Psonic is an independent computer and video game developer and publisher based on General Santos City as its headquarters and originally founded on 2011 by the creator of Space Monsters franchise, namely Axl Jet Baños. As a combination of terms implies. this name is the acronym meaning Project Service of Originality and Nicely Integrated Creation/Conception or simply Project Service of Originality N'/And Integrated Creation/Conception. In the future, after his life in college and experiencing his own job, it will be constantly re-established as PSONIC Incorporated.


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List of games developed

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