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Psonic alt logo inverted
 Type Privately independent
 Established 2011
 Founder(s) Axl Jet Baños
 Location(s) General Santos City, Philippines
 Key people Axl Jet Baños (representative)
 Industry Computer and video games
 Product(s) Space Monsters series
 Total no. of
Space Monsters

Psonic is an independent computer and video game developer and publisher based on General Santos City as its headquarters and originally founded on 2011 by the creator of Space Monsters franchise, Axl Jet Baños. As a combination of terms implies. this name is the acronym meaning Project Service of Originality and Nicely Integrated Creation/Conception or simply Project Service of Originality N'/And Integrated Creation/Conception. In the future, after his life in college and experiencing his own job, it will be constantly re-established as PSONIC Incorporated.


In 2008, when Axl Jet Baños was 11 years old, he experienced the game engine known as Game Maker for the first time in his mind. After that, he had an idea to reveal the future independent company called Psonic, which focuses on computer and video game industry since he is interested in playing video games as his childhood hobby from his first time in going and playing in video arcades with his family members. However, the meaning of the acronym, Psonic, is not yet analyzed unless there would be more terms for it.

In 2011, Axl began the development of Invaderoid, the first video game project owned by his future indie video game company Psonic. Other video game projects are all planned, but some of them are cancelled. For known example, Monstervaders was supposed to be the first top-down shooter game with cartoon and comic elements, but its creator had stated that it became the spiritual predecessor of Space Monsters and scrapped from its progress, began in the summer of 2011. And Aegius is supposed to be the first horizontally scrolling shooter that began the progress in the late 2012, but it is halted for hiatus. Invaderoid is released to the public in 2012.

On March 2013, Axl had started the development of the first top-down shooter game project titled Space Monsters, which is considered the first entry to the series of the same name in order to add its futuristic lore. Aside from that project, in August 2014, he began the making of SVR, which must be the first horizontal scrolling shooter video game under the brand of Psonic. But due to the long-term hiatus, its development progress is on hold for a while unless the first Aegius game came out and changed it into the spin-off of the space-themed scrolling shooter game franchise. After 3 years of development, he released the original version of Space Monsters via both Game Jolt and Mediafire on February 20, 2015, a date where the Chinses New Year event ended.

Few years later, it is mentioned and revealed by Axl that the acronym of Psonic has 6 different codes and their meanings: P for Project, S for Service, O for Originality, N for Nicely, I for Integrated, and C for Conception (Creation on the other hand).

With the release of the first Space Monsters game, Axl announced that there are more improvements to update the version of the game into the latest under the patching activity known as the "Expansion Update". Its release date would be in 2015, but it moved to 2016 due to the delay of its game development.

In March 2017, Axl began making the first vertically scrolling shooter video game called Space Warrior, otherwise known as Interstellar Warrior. No release date of the game has confirmed yet during development. On September 14, 2017, it is stated by Axl in his debut that he will found his independent video game company consisting a small number of team members if he wishes to become rich someday following his experiences in applying his first job.

List of games

Year Game Platform(s) Genre(s) Status
2012 Invaderoid PC Fixed shooter Released
2015 Space Monsters PC Top-down shooter Released
2018 Space Warrior PC Scrolling shooter Work-in-progress
TBA Aegius PC Scrolling shooter None
TBA SVR PC Scrolling shooter None

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