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Investigative Force
If insignia
Original military insignia of the Investigative Force.
 Type Military force
 Foundation Requested military agreement between the United States Army, NATO and the United Nations
 Founder General Baxter
 Leader(s) General Baxter
 Strength(s) I.F. Arsenal
 Role(s) Global threat resistance, counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, special operations, incident investigation
 Affiliation(s) United Nations, NATO, U.S. Military
 Military Armed forces, resistance
 Headquarters Stuckholmes City, Oregon, United States of America
 Country(ies) United States of America
 Area(s) of
America, worldwide
 Ability(ies) Military weapons, gaining powers with implants, various military vehicles, equipment
 Race(s) Humans
 Currency Credits
 Formed from Former U.S. military individuals, survivors, former UN peacekeepers, surviving military individuals, former U.S.Military Police Corps individuals
 Established 2020? (exact date unknown)
 Engagement(s) The Long Passage Incident, The Revival
 Status Active
Real-Life Information
 Designer(s) Axl Jet Baños
Now I finally established a new military government back in 2020s.
~ General Baxter

The Investigative Force, also known as the Investigative Federation, is a military operations force that describes as a group of protagonists in the main series of Space Monsters franchise. It is founded by the main ringleader with the collaboration of the American military government, NATO and the United Nations in the city of Stuckholmes and specially responsible for focusing on targeting universal threats, like zombie outbreak, alien invasion, terrorism, dictatorship, world domination and other doomsday scenarios, which are used for investigating what happens and hopes to save and restore humanity. This organization also deals with modern military weaponry from other companies.


Some investigations around the places are not known to be revealed since the overrun of Recom Revolutionary Army has been assaulted by a small group of terrorists and fanatics, especially the undergoing attempt to assassinate the American president Donald Trump. As early as Baxter experiences, he discovered dangerous events in the world history when the ages of war have begun to create more disasters till the peaceful modern times move on. First off, the dreadful World Wars took place between real-life nations from 1914 in the origin, another one is in 1939, and the third is in 1947, the beginning of Cold War era.

In some point, Baxter believes that these modern wars are much harmful due to the United Nation's current diplomacy just before 2020. So if he decides one thing quickly, then he presumably establishes a new group of soldiers, detectives, officers, recruits, special forces and more types of military operatives by merging from former U.S. military groups, former U.S. Military Police Corpse personnel, former UN peacekeeping members, and other surviving military individuals, which is very similar to the other Recom teams. From the foundation, Baxter provides rank promotion from private to Marshall by training harder with much military studies including honor, justice, commitment and evil extermination. Probably he becomes the supreme and primary commander of his main organization and hires his army to achieve success in his goals like controlling notable military task force members.

Long time before the events of Con-Alien, General Baxter requested Colonel Bludips of RRA to help affiliating each other with various allies, especially its subsidiary RHS.

Until the Long Passage Incident starts following the operations in the spectacular year 2025.

List of members

Main leadership

Other members


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