Humans or human beings are a sentient race of the same biological and ancestral characteristic known as man, a bipedal creature of the common scientific entity Homo sapiens that evolved from primate-classed hominids and spread the dominance around the planet Earth from many years ago (approximately 200, 000 years) since the prehistoric ancient times. Their success of humanity relies high intelligence unlike other previous dominant species like the dinosaurs or the ancestors of different animals that relied mainly on their biological weaponry. While the intelligence of humankind is highly advantage over different kinds of animals, they are considerably weaker in physical strength compared to other species of similar size and weight. While success of humans has often had negative influence to the natural world, there are other intelligent creatures such as raven.

Characters under this race

Main series

Alternate universe

Terran BeastHumanMutantUndead (GhostSkeletonZombie)
Aliens ArthropodianCylienEnergy beingGrayLittle green menMartianMastermindNordicPredatorReptilianSpace monster (Xenorian)
Other AnthropoidCryptidHumanoidHybridInsectoidMonsterRobot (AndroidCyborg)

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