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General Baxter
Background information
 Debut Space Monsters
 Appearance(s) Space Monsters
 Birthday June 4, 1978
 Origin The United States of America Midwest, United States of America
 Age 46-47 (SM)
 Nationality American
 Family/Relative(s) Baxter parents (Bally and Marian Baxter)
 Friend(s) Billmore Hawkins, Josh Celton, Sam Ramsen (special operatives), Deck Homwell, Brake Andrens, Rina Stock (extra operatives)
 Enemy(ies) Roki and his invasive minions, Syrax (Roki's successor)
 Good point Genius
 Bad point Boastful
 Likes Honor, good leadership, patriotism
 Dislikes Treason, dictatorship/world domination, hegemony, terrorism, jingoism
 Affiliation Investigative Force
 Occupation Leader
 Hobby(ies) Arms in training, improvement of his leadership
 Ability(ies) Good management of his organization
 Alignment Lawful Good
 Status Alive
 Race Human
 Gender Male
Real-Life Information
 Designer(s) Axl Jet Baños
The whole humanity on Earth is in trouble. I have to call my hired elite task force members right away before the time is wasted with much monsters. Remember, we need your help.
~ General Baxter

General Baxter is one of the minor characters in Space Monsters.



As a son of Baxter parents, he was born somewhere in Midwest, USA under his own real name, Roy Baxter. In his childhood times, he's so serious but fully kind-hearted to humanity itself. Long ago before his respectful adulthood, he tries to be expert in doing anything like following orders from a person in authority, listening to good ones and of course, be in his mind with important things. In college, he went to American military school to train any tactics he wants while the adviser is giving a chance to promote his military rank. Then he states that he will become General as a classified rank promotion by accepting the military strength before he founds his defensive military organization known as the Investigative Force and be a primary leader.

During the establishment of General Baxter's forces, he hired 3 members (Billmore Hawkins, Josh Celton and Sam Ramsen) who were assigned from foreign places, including his army of soldiers and other types of troops. Later, he hired new members again at least 3 additional members (Deck Homwell, Brake Andrens and Rina Stock) when the second investigation will be implemented.

In order to survive, General Baxter summons his entire members to improve their skills in military training until his organization will be strengthened and fight for the trustworthy of mankind from horrible threats he experienced like in the history of Axis invasion.


He's not shown to reveal others apparently. Thus he must be a mysterious character who has a military uniform of a classified rank known as General. Otherwise, he will be appeared soon enough.


This character is honorable and bit calm but much polite than the other military leaders who are fully authoritative like Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and other dictators around the world. On the other hand, he commands his troops well by the sense of both justice and freedom to follow his goals. Now that's what it is called a good leadership as his important interest.


The namesake of this character derives from the general of the Union Army during the American Civil War era, namely Henry Baxter. Only his surname could be inspired exactly. His surname is also comes from Anglo-Saxon and Scottish name, which means "baker" from English occupation.[1]


Space Monsters

Even General Baxter does not appear in the first game, he was mentioned only in prologue dialogues and manual as his original name, not his own real name. During the time of the Long Passage Incident in 2025, he sent his operatives to interfere Roki and his invasive alien minions from conquering anywhere on Earth. When Syrax is now turned as if Roki died from defeating however in the expansion update, each operative will follow his orders again to complete the campaign called "The Revival" as if they were finishing their investigation in the previous, incidental military assault.



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