Deck Homwell
Space monsters portrait - deck
Profile portrait of Deck Homwell.
Background information
 Debut Space Monsters
 Appearance(s) Space Monsters
 Full Name Derrick Victor "Deck" Homwell
 Alias(es) Howell, Derrick, Derrick Homwell, Deck
 Birthday July 4, 2002
 Origin Canada Toronto, Ontario, Canada
 Age 22-24 (SM)
26-27 (SM2)
 Nationality Canadian
 Family/Relative(s) Unknown (possibly his carpenter and housemaid)
 Friend(s) Billmore Hawkins, Josh Celton, Sam Ramsen, Brake Andrens, Rina Stock
 Enemy(ies) Roki, space monsters, Syrax
 Good point Genius
 Bad point Gullible
 Likes Network, new inventions, calculations
 Dislikes Ruining other creations, cheating, malicious ideas
 Affiliation Investigative Force
 Occupation Technician
 Hobby(ies) Fixing things, calculations, proper targeting
 Ability(ies) Gaining powers with implants
 Alignment Neutral Good
 Status Alive
 Race Human
 Gender Male
 Ethnicity Caucasian
 Hair color Brown
 Eye color Shady brown
Real-Life Information
 Designer(s) Axl Jet Baños
This is a technician from I.F headquarters. We're going to solve the problem over there.
~ Deck Homwell

Derrick Victor, also known as Howell, Deck for short or commonly Deck Homwell, is canonically one of the extra playable protagonists in the first game of the main series titled Space Monsters.



Born in the Canadian city of Toronto. Before a youth life, Deck was a smart child, who considered himself creative in crafting things for his childhood friends, especially fixing the broken ones up. For a long time experience, when he grows up, he always doing the same things as his interests in becoming a technician. Then his older life is the mastering experience of other technical issues of other mechanical inventions during the time of his only decided major course for the college of engineering and technology until he graduates successfully. As Deck became a graduate, he is technically prolific, but he must take the occupation in his respective country first before his departure to America, where there are more improvements compared to the functions of technology at his point.

Few years before the dangerous alien outbreak in Long Passage Headquarters, Deck meets some fellow members of Investigative Force to prove that he will become the technical unit or service repair mechanic before being hired for defensive resistance by their agreement to General Baxter. As an operative, he can find the technical efforts like testing the functions of colored doors with proper security access cards and repairing some systematic security measures.


Deck Homwell has an appearance as a bearing resemblance to Charlie Nash. He has short brown hair different to Josh Celton and shady brown eyes. In the original Space Monsters, he wears a gray flak vest, dark yellow long-sleeved jacket, brown combat belt, black handgun holster, black knee bands and army pants.


Deck is systematically genius at his technical works of anything mechanical mostly, but also more intelligent to take care of other things. For a quick solution, if there's something broken or malfunctioning as a problem, he immediately fixes in technical way.


His first name, Deck, definitely comes from the term meaning a flat surface capable of supporting weigh, like a floor, but typically built outdoors, often elevated from the land, and usually connected to a structure as located on ships.


Space Monsters

Deck Homwell possibly appears as one of the 3 extra playable characters of this game's expansion update. As he already dispatched to Investigative Force alongside the agents, his main role is to investigate throughout the insurgent headquarters within the hope of saving humanity during the dangerous Long Passage Incident caused by the aggressive alien invaders. And his goal is to take down Roki from letting its minions spread anywhere. In addition to the second campaign, he and the rest of his allies must operate the next incidental mastermind target called Syrax, a successor who brings Roki's life back to cause much disaster.


  • Based on Deck's face, he also looks similar to Josh Celton due to his birth in British colony.


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