Brake Andrens
Space monsters portrait - brake
Profile portrait of Brake Andrens.
Background information
 Debut Space Monsters
 Appearance(s) Space Monsters
 Full Name Blake Brandon "Brake" Andrens
 Alias(es) Andrins, Junk, Brake, Blake, Blake Andrens
 Birthday June 12, 2000
 Origin The United States of America Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America
 Age 25-26 (SM)
28-29 (SM2)
 Nationality American
 Family/Relative(s) Serious parents
 Friend(s) Billmore Hawkins, Josh Celton, Sam Ramsen, Deck Homwell, Rina Stock
 Enemy(ies) Roki, space monsters, Syrax
 Good point A broad outlook
 Bad point Arrogant
 Likes Scotch, dogs, vehicles, collecting his special force skills, success
 Dislikes Enemies getting in his way, war criminals
 Affiliation Investigative Force
 Occupation Opposing force operative
 Hobby(ies) Special force training, riding vehicles, hanging with Billmore
 Ability(ies) Gaining powers with implants
 Alignment Good
 Status Alive
 Race Human
 Gender Male
 Ethnicity Caucasian
 Hair color Black
 Eye color Dark brown
Real-Life Information
 Designer(s) Axl Jet Baños
What if the alien invasion threatens humankind? That must be a threat to humanity itself. So we must stop it though!
~ Brake Andrens

Blake Brandon Andrens, referred to as Andrins, Blake (Brake) for short or commonly Brake Andrens (Blake Andrens in reality), is a playable protagonist featured mainly in Space Monsters series as well as his first appearance in expansion update of the original game.



Brake was born in the Pennsylvanian city of Philadelphia, where the United States Marine Corps established many years ago. Before his early childhood life begins, he must experience some causes of infliction like when someone are fighting to each other, but the treatments of these are required. So he is much serious at all, especially in his parents and school times.

When Brake's life comes older, he must quickly solve any problems using his bravery as for the preparations of military training events. So he will become a special military operative someday. As a graduate, he provides his poor judgement of post-school moments. Then he wanna help somebody, but only himself can do in becoming a brave soldier for the rest of his life.

Just before encountering the first incident, Brake wants to Investigative Force with a legal agreement of its founder General Baxter as an opposing force operative. But if he has many old military styles from a long training, then he requires to improve more than he taught only himself. He also helps Billmore and the current members in every mysterious event they investigate.


Brake's appearance bears the similarity of Billmore Hawkins, but the differences of this character design are his face and the military uniform. Inside his helmet and mask, he has black hair and dark brown eyes. In Space Monsters, he always wear blue helmet with a mask below, white and gray military attire, black gloves, black military belt, black pistol holster, black knee bands on both of his legs and black army boots.


Brake is shown to be brave in every military task as he does after completing his training.


For the inspiration of this character, his first name "Brake" derives from a mechanical device used for slowing down or stopping a vehicle from moving, functionally to the wheels in motion.

The origin of his miscalled surname, Andren, comes from the ancient Swedish patronymic of the personal name Andreas.[1] However, it has letter "s" at the end side.


Space Monsters

In the spectacular year of 2025, Brake, Billmore and the rest of special operatives are dispatched by their tactical military faction Investigative Force and recruited to investigate the alien outbreak through the large complex called the Long Passage Headquarters. During the mission performances, he or any operative must defeat the alien mastermind Roki later as their goal in order to keep the humanity rebuilt from the fate. However, after that, Roki's spiritual successor Syrax revives the old hegemonic plans and awaits them for the second investigation of another alien incident exactly 2026.


  • Brake's portrait is based on Billmore differently because of his facial appearance in the game.


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