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Billmore Hawkins
Space monsters portrait - billmore
Profile portrait of Billmore Hawkins.
Background information
 Debut Space Monsters
 Appearance(s) Space Monsters
 Full Name Billy Jan "Billmore" Hawkins
 Alias(es) Mr. Jane, Billmore, Bill, Bill Hawkins, Billy Hawkins, Billy
 Birthday January 22, 2000
 Origin The United States of America Manhattan, New York, United States of America
 Age 25-26 (SM)
29 (SM2)
 Nationality American
 Family/Relative(s) Unknown parents
 Friend(s) Josh Celton (best friend), Sam Ramsen (supporter), General Baxter (important commander), Deck Homwell, Brake Andrens, Rina Stock
 Enemy(ies) Roki and his invasive minions, Syrax (Roki's successor)
 Good point Right sense
 Bad point Reckless conduct
 Likes Patriotism, loyalty, negotiations, training, arms in general
 Dislikes Terrorism, Nazism, Fascism, Al-Qaeda, dirty tricks, creepers (when he falls asleep)
 Affiliation Investigative Force
 Occupation War on Terror survivor (formerly), I.F. operative
 Hobby(ies) Spending time in military training (e.g. target practice), regular exercise
 Ability(ies) Gaining powers with implants, military weapons, high-tech weapons
 Alignment Good
 Status Alive
 Race Human
 Gender Male
 Ethnicity Caucasian
 Hair color Brown
 Eye color Dark brown
 Blood type A
Real-life information
 Designer(s) Axl Jet Baños
 Voice(s) David Vincent (planned)
Once my master gave me an order, I shall save the world from aggressive intruders.
~ Billmore Hawkins

Billy Jan Hawkins, also referred to as Bill for short, Bill Hawkins or commonly Billmore Hawkins, is one of the main protagonists in Space Monsters series, primarily appeared in the first installment. He is an American infantryman who formerly joined the United States Army for military training and jouining War on Terror, where the army is fighting Islamic terrorists, as a member in 2021, and later assigned to the Investigative Force under the present leadership of General Baxter as an operative in 2024.



Born early in Manhattan, the city of New York state. Billmore Hawkins was once a peaceful child who spends time with his respectful parents during his training program, particularly in his respective school since the days of obligation came, but he does only himself always if he wants. Also he has many inspirational hobbies like acrobatics, gymnastics, martial arts and good military practice. Then in his adolescent times with his major course, he will be having his target practice, improving his melee combat skills and other military performances for grown-ups and better adulthood until he graduated in combat school during his college life.

After performing his time in schooling life, Billmore wanted to experience his own job when he joined U.S. military as a member and train in preparation to become a better soldier for a long time, including the awareness of terrorism. Then he and the other U.S. troops enter the War on Terror to resist aggressors around the Middle East from spreading global terrorism, but his military skills need more improvement from the history of himself being dishonorably discharged until he retires his first-time military forces due to some difficulties if military problems persist.

Long time before the events of Space Monsters in 2025 alongside Josh and Sam, Billmore assigns General Baxter to join his heroic military organization called the Investigative Force, which is led by him for other investigations about what happens if the life is getting down with other incidents like alien invasion. In case of that, he immediately received an information for investigating it after doing his own training by himself as in the game.


His given name "Billmore" was derived from an unincorporated community located in the Oregon County, Missouri[1] and 2 phenomenas: Bill and Gilmore. Bill, his shortened name and the common name of William, came from the main character from Contra series and it is fully named Bill Rizer. The meaning of this name means an amount to be paid for something resourceful like electricity. His first name is also inspired from Bill Paxton, an American film actor and director who portrayed Private William Hudson from 1986 movie titled Aliens. After the name influence, Billy is his first name as the part of his full name. The abruptly cut name of him is a patronymic surname "Gilmore". It can be originated with 2 separated meanings from Celtic regions, particularly in Ireland and the British province of Scotland. However, it was anglicized from both Celtic quotes: Mac Gille Mhoire (Scottish Gaelic) and Mac Giolla Mhuire (Irish), including Mac Giolla Mhura. They mean to say "servant of the Virgin Mary" and "servant of St. Mura" (of Fahan, County Donegal). In the city of County Sligo, Gilmore is an Anglicisation of "Mac Giolla Mhir" meaning "son of the spirited lad".[2]

His surname "Hawkins" originally came from Kent, England in the 11th century. However, it comes from the word "hawking", meaning "falconry". Hawkins may have evolved to the variant "Haughan" or "O'haughan" due to the migration of British people to Ireland during the Civil War in the 16th century. It's still rare as a received name.[3] His alias "Mr. Jane" derives from a placeholder name, Jane Doe. It is for a party whose true identity is not known or must be withheld in case of legal action or commentary.[4] The other names of this term are "John Doe" for males, "Jane Doe" or "Jane Roe" for females, or "Johnnie Doe" and "Janie Doe" for kids, or "Doe" for genderless. However, they are used for referring a corpse or hospital patient as above. For the male person like this, his middle name is Jan, but the suffix letter "e" has been removed to prevent gender confusion.[5]


Like a soldier from U.S. forces, Billmore was inspired from some military survivors ranged from World War II to modern times today, most especially soldiers. Billmore's design appears to be a man in his mid twenties and has brown hair and dark brown eyes. In the original Space Monsters, he wore a green PASGT military helmet on his head, black gloves in his both hands, black army combat boots, a black military belt with golden part at the middle and a dodger blue army combat uniform with an olive green pistol holster on the right side of his pants as seen in a current game sequence. He will be seen as a mugshot and the entire in-game third-person view while he's going on to perform every missions or goals he accomplishes importantly.

In Space Monsters 2, Billmore became either late twenties or early thirties and now wears the return of a green PASGT military helmet on his head, black gloves in his both hands, black Army Combat Boots, a black military combat belt inside, a dodger blue Army Combat Uniform (same as in the first installment), an olive green pistol holster on the right side of his military pants, and gray Improved Outer Tactical Vest on his military jacket.


Billmore is still kind and honorable to remain his important skills unforgettable by the time of respective military events. However, he appears to get close to his family and friends, whom he would give his life to defend from any danger. He greatly takes care for the lives of innocence, something that caused him to argue with his respective military superiors. As an operative of Investigative Force, he has earned the trust of his mates and best friends with Josh Celton, another male member of I.F.


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Space Monsters

Billmore appears to be the one of playable protagonists in the original game of the series mainly with much balance. Fellow operatives (Deck, Brake, RinaJosh and Sam) are joined the resistance together with him from General Baxter's presence to combat against the enormous army of monster invaders and their first superhuman mastermind, Roki. But Syrax will suppose to be the next turn as a new replacement after Roki's death. Then in "The Revival" era of 2026, he and the rest of his allies will investigate another dangerous case again for Earth's survival.


  • His green helmet resembles a soldier from U.S. Military Service from the Second World War up to the current times today.
    • Billmore also makes the resemblance of Barney Calhoun from the expansion set for Valve's first first-person shooter game titled Half Life: Blue Shift.
  • Sometimes, Billmore is much similar to Luigi from Mario series due to his uniform but it looks different.
  • Billmore shares to his similar appearance to Shoe of the future top-down shooter game, Zoarg.



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